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July 18, 2020by Radiant Blinds

Transform Windows with Poor Views or Insufficient Lighting

It is said,

If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.

That truth applies to windows and interior spaces as well. Windows that deliver the promise of healthy views and ample light, intrinsically deliver even more.

How many windows deliver decent views and consistent lighting? Research indicates about 1 in 8, or 12.5%

Out of just over 1 billion windows in the USA, about 125M have decent, good, or amazing views and respectable lighting.

What do we do with the other 87.5 percent?

transforming windows with poor views or insufficient lightingIn a phone conversation with an apartment owner from Carnegie Hill, New York, the shopper complained that some of her windows faced apartment windows from another building, reducing her privacy and the quality of her view. She expressed very common problems that people experience with windows, including:

  1. Obstructed views, or no view at all.
  2. Unusable views. This includes windows facing neighbors where privacy is an issue.
  3. Inconsistent lighting, including no exposure to sunlight, exposure to bright artificial light such as signage or vehicle lights, and over exposure to sunlight.

Shades and Blinds have always come to the rescue with an endless variety of options including textiles, cellular designs, top down bottom up functions, motorization and more, but they all still share common problems that require ongoing maintenance:

  1. The need for professional cleaning / difficulty keeping them clean.
  2. Cellular structures acting as bug traps.
  3. Poor efficiency / lack of ability to insulate effectively against heat and cold.
  4. Blind cords presenting choke hazards.

When compared with traditional blinds and shades, window shutters have proven their worth by providing superior incident light control and excellent insulation, reflecting light and heat away from the interior while allowing adjustable light flow into the space.

“Shutters help control incoming light, offer privacy when closed and insulate against heat, cold, and sound. Shutters add timeless, traditional sophistication to any room.”

This is true especially during the day, and where consistent lighting is available. But at night, and with windows poorly positioned for lighting, the benefits of traditional window shutters end here.

This is where the introduction of Lumina changes everything.

Lumina (plural): hollow embodiments that produce light from within.

Don’t we all wish we could say we produce light from within?

The Lumina in Lumina Shutters are louvers which use very low levels of energy to create ambient light from within. This light is then diffused as it passes through the interior facing side of the louver producing an abundance of evenly distributed light into the interior living space. Louver light from Lumina Shutters transforms dark, uninviting spaces with underperforming windows into brilliant spaces exuding energy and life. This effectively creates atmospheres that transform the way people feel, behave, and design.

Welcome to the new era of window fashion, and say hello to all those windows you’ve been trying to hide.

By utilizing solid state (LED) lighting technology in warm white and bright white color temperatures, Lumina Shutters provide complete control of light from the window, even when the window can’t deliver. Gain total control of privacy and window lighting daytime and night; not only to the 87.5%, but the 12.5% “cream of the crop” windows as well. Lumina Shutters are hand made to spec in the USA with high quality components made to stand the test of time.

Smart home controls turn night into day with sunrise, sunset and adjustable lighting levels for individual and grouped windows, rooms, buildings and more. This effectively gives users command over night and day in their own home or work space.

To learn more about Lumina Shutters and how they can improve your quality of life, visit our Product Details Page.

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Quick Fact:
Unobstructed views increase value by 15-80%. Upgraded lighting such as recessed lighting, LED lighting, and Lumina Shutters increase property value as well.

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